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Senior Turf

Senior Turf

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A History of Malvern College Cricket 1865-2020.

As Senior Turf: A History of Malvern College Cricket chronicles, cricket has been an important part of life for generations of Malvernians. Furthermore, the high standards attained by a succession of teams and players representing the College have earned Malvern a deserved reputation as one of the great cricketing schools both at home and abroad. The story is told by Andy Murtagh, an accomplished biographer and former master in charge of cricket at the College, and it is impossible to thank him sufficiently for what has been a labour of love that conveys his deep affection for the game, especially at Malvern. We are also indebted to the Malvernian Society and Adrian Milledge (OM 1964–69) for their enormous help. The book highlights the deeds of a vast number of very fine cricketers who have represented the College and OM Cricket but the book is not just about them. Of equal significance is the development of the game at Malvern and its importance to College life from 1865 to the present day. – Bryan Richardson President of the OMCC, Publisher



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